Matthew 25:1–13


Catholic Tradition holds that before her martyrdom Saint Lucy suffered a terrible ordeal. Different versions of the legend recount that her eyes were gouged out, either by herself (to protect her chastity) or by her torturers. Owing to these stories — and the fact that her name means “light” — Lucy is a bearer of light in winter’s darkness. This tradition helps us to see Lucy pointing to a very deep mystery. Saints “see” differently. Having put on the eyes of Christ, the saints see the world for what it is. Lucy was known for her charity. Her kindness to the poor is spoken of down to the present day. She saw the poor as Christ sees them. In the end, Lucy, undaunted by the shadows of this life, gazed unshakably toward the things of heaven.


Saint Lucy, grant us a share of your courage and a portion of your chastity. Transform our hearts, that we may see the world through the eyes of Christ. Amen.


In honor of Saint Lucy, light a candle and meditate on the flame’s light piercing the darkness.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow.