Saint Thomas Becket, bishop and martyr

2 Timothy 2:8–13; 3:10–12


T. S. Eliot immortalized the story of the death of Thomas Becket in his 1935 play Murder in the Cathedral. One of the play’s most poignant moments comes as Becket resolves to conquer his pride and face his fate for the glory of God, rather than himself. In the play, Becket famously says, “Now is my way is clear, now is the meaning plain: / Temptation shall not come in this kind again. / The last temptation is the greatest treason: / To do the right deed for the wrong reason.” The words are as true for us as they are for the English martyr of old. We must say bravely to God, “Let thy will be done.” Our motives must be purified; we must live and die for God, and God alone.


Heavenly Father, drive from my heart every remnant of sinful pride. Make me your instrument, that I may never be distracted from your purpose. Amen.


Watch the 1964 classic film Becket. Let the film’s portrayal of the great saint bring him to life for you.

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