Jeremiah 18:18–20


Jeremiah, often known as the “weeping” prophet, shouldn’t discourage us. His lament is entirely understandable given the gravity of his message and the relentless opposition he faced from his fellow Israelites. Remarkably, his suffering and sorrow foreshadow the profound anguish endured by Jesus, who
faced even more excruciating trials from fellow Israelites, ultimately leading to his crucifixion. Jeremiah’s life and message provide a glimpse into the Gospel’s ultimate message of redemption through suffering.
Redemption comes not by avoiding pain, but — in God’s mysterious providence — through it.


Heavenly Father, help us embrace the reality that redemption often emerges from the midst of pain and suffering. May Jeremiah’s message remind us of your unwavering faithfulness and your ultimate plan of redemption through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. Amen.


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