Wisdom 2:1, 12–22


In today’s reading, a relatively famous passage from the Book of Wisdom, we glimpse the age-old struggle between the just and the wicked. The wicked, threatened by the righteousness of the just man, plot to beset and test him, believing he is an obstacle to their way of life. Their cruelty stems from a lack of understanding and a spiritual blindness that prevents them from comprehending God’s hidden counsel. Lent calls us to examine our hearts and consider whether we sometimes err in similar ways. Are we blinded by our judgments, failing to discern the rewards of holiness?


Lord Jesus, you surrendered yourself to death on the cross at the appointed time. May I always be willing to imitate you, offering God my plans and desires for my life. Amen.


Pray the Stations of the Cross today, perhaps attending them at a local parish. Meditate on the cross as the death of the just man beset by the wicked.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.