John 11:45–56


There is a painting of Saint Turibius that hangs in the Vatican Museums that depicts the saint parting a river like Moses parted the Red Sea. Reflecting on the image, Pope Francis dubbed Turibius “The man who wanted to get to the other shore.” The pope’s epitaph captures the saint’s constant work for others. He traversed the ocean to arrive in Peru. His continuous travels in his diocese involved many dangerous crossings. He crossed rivers metaphorically by learning languages to speak to native people. And finally, at the end of his days, he passed from the shore of this earthly life to eternal life in heaven.


Lord Jesus, turn my every word and action to serve your Gospel. Even when I do not know or understand
your purposes, may I bring glory to you and your kingdom. Amen.


Contact Catholic Charities in your diocese and find out if there are refugees who need your assistance locally.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.