Day 11: Unleavened Bread

“The dough they had brought out of Egypt they baked into unleavened loaves. It was not leavened, because they had been driven out of Egypt and could not wait. They did not even prepare food for the journey.” — Exodus 12:39 The Israelites, departing in […]

Day 10: Passover

“Jesus celebrated the Passover without a lamb — no, not without a lamb: instead of the lamb he gave himself, his Body and his Blood. Thus he anticipated his death in a manner consistent with his words: ‘No one takes [my life] from me, but […]

Day 9: Abraham

“But with regard to Abraham, it was different. He was enjoined to do what was opposed to the promises; and yet not even so was he troubled, nor did he stagger, nor think he had been deceived. But you endure nothing except what was promised, […]

Day 8: Melchizedek

“In the priest Melchizedek we see prefigured the sacrament of the sacrifice of the Lord, according to what divine Scripture testifies, and says, ‘And Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought forth bread and wine’ (Gn 14:18).” — St. Cyprian of Carthage The mysterious figure Melchizedek is […]

Day 7: Bread of Angels

“With all the strength of my soul I urge you young people to approach the Communion table as often as you can. Feed on this bread of angels whence you will draw all the energy you need to fight inner battles. Because true happiness, dear […]

Day 6: Sacrifice

“All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man […]

Day 5: In Memory of Me

“Do this in remembrance of me. Certainly, he would demand nothing more profitable, nothing more pleasant, nothing more beneficial, nothing more desirable, nothing more similar to eternal life.” — St. Albert the Great Saint Paul, in his First Letter to the Corinthians, writes down the […]

Day 4: Real Presence

“Perhaps you may be saying, ‘I see something else; how can you assure me that I am receiving the body of Christ?’ It but remains for us to prove it. And how many are the examples we might use! … Christ is in that sacrament, […]

Day 3: Wine

“Then after you have partaken of the Body of Christ, draw near also to the Cup of His Blood; not stretching forth your hands, but bending, and saying with an air of worship and reverence, ‘Amen,’ hallow yourself by partaking also of the Blood of […]

Day 2: Bread

“I take no pleasure in corruptible food or in the delights of this life. I want the Bread of God, which is the Flesh of Jesus Christ, who is of the Seed of David; and as drink I want his Blood, which is incorruptible love.” […]