Saturday, January 6


Luke 3:23–38


A humble brother, who served many years as a simple porter, St. André Bessette is well known for the many miracles attributed to his intercession. Perhaps the best-known is the healing of Georges Guérin. In 1958, Georges was nine years old and suffered from terminal leukemia. His parents brought him to the Oratory of St. Joseph, where Brother André prayed over him and applied a small piece of cloth to Georges’ forehead. Brother André told Georges’ parents to leave the cloth in place for several hours and then to burn it. The family did as instructed, and within a few weeks the boy’s health had improved. His doctors were amazed and declared him cured of leukemia. Georges’ healing was thoroughly investigated and ultimately attributed to the intercession of Brother André. In 2010, Pope Benedict XVI recognized the authenticity of the miracle.


Lord Jesus, like Saint André, may we always seek to serve others with humility and compassion. Pour into our hearts the courage to ask for your help and intercession in all things. Amen.


In the generous spirit of Brother André, offer a friend or neighbor a hand today.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow.