Saint André Bessette, religious

1 John 5:5–13


There are a number of saints and blesseds, holy men and women, who were porters (doorkeepers) of their religious communities. Saint André is one of them. He famously quipped, “When I joined this community, the superiors showed me the door, and I remained forty years.” Thousands visited him, finding solace in his advice and prayers, and by the end of his life he was answering 80,000 letters a year. Perhaps surprisingly, given his simple duty of manning the door of his religious house, he became beloved. A million people passed by his casket in prayer at his funeral.


Lord Jesus, help me to undertake even the simplest of tasks in my life out of love for you. May Saint André’s devotion inspire me when I feel weakhearted and irresolute. Amen.


The founder of Brother André’s congregation predicted it would “grow like a mighty tree.” Look at a tree today and meditate on the fact that God allows small things to, in the end, become very great.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow.