Mark 8:11–13


Jesus recognized that the Pharisees, despite witnessing his miraculous works and hearing his teachings, still harbored doubt and disbelief in their hearts. Their demand for yet another sign demonstrated their inability to see the abundant evidence of God’s presence before them. In our own lives, we may find ourselves seeking signs from God, like the Pharisees. We beg God to do something extraordinary, something irrefutable, something that will make us believe with greater fervor. And yet, this Lent, Jesus promises to come to us. For our part, let’s make sure our lives aren’t so cluttered that we miss him!


Lord Jesus, help me to see the ways I am distracted. Give me the courage to root out all that keeps me from you. As you call me to repentance, may my heart be open to your transforming mercy and grace. Amen.


What will you give up this Lent? In your prayer today, ask Jesus what he wants you to sacrifice during this season of penance.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.