Matthew 16:13–19


In St. Peter’s Basilica, the renowned altar of the chair — a masterpiece by Bernini — features an enormous bronze throne, supported by statues representing great Fathers of the Church from both East and West. Above the throne a stained-glass window shines, depicting the Holy Spirit guiding the Church. The chair of Peter, Pope Benedict writes, also calls to mind St. Ignatius of Antioch’s words about the Church of Rome presiding in charity, wherein charity signifies the Eucharist. Presiding in faith is inseparable from presiding in love, fostering communion amidst diversity, drawing all into a Eucharistic embrace that transcends divisions.


Loving Father, may the chair of Peter remind us of the unity and love that stems from faith, drawing us into a Eucharistic embrace that transcends divisions and fosters communion within your Church. Amen.


Spend time in Eucharistic adoration, praying especially for the Pope and for those who assist him governing the Church.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.