Matthew 23:1–12


Christianity has been called an upside-down religion. And for good reason. Jesus calls for the inversion of so much of what we take for granted every day. “The greatest among you must be your servant,” Our Lord teaches. The mighty, according to Jesus, are the small ones. The ones worthy of exaltation? The humble. At the heart of this upside-down vision of things sits dependence. And so, G. K. Chesterton argues: “He who has seen the whole world hanging on a hair of the mercy of God has seen the truth; we might almost say the cold truth. He who has seen the vision of his city upside down has seen it the right way up.”


Heavenly Father, may the lessons of humility and obedience from your Son’s life inspire me in my daily journey of faith. Banish from my heart all remnants of self-importance and every temptation to consider myself better than others. Amen.


Find a creative way to practice humility today, perhaps by taking on a distasteful chore or taking the opportunity to admit a recent mistake to a friend.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.