John 2:13–25


“I cannot understand,” says Blessed Carlo Acutis, “why many people are so concerned with the beauty of their bodies rather than spending time on the beauty of their souls.” The Italian teenager, a millennial,
is widely known for his deep devotion to the Eucharist. But Carlo was highly insightful, too. Possessing wisdom beyond his years, he lamented how little attention people paid to the interior life. We should have a fervor, a zeal, in driving out vice from our hearts, like Christ throwing the money changers out of the Temple. For Carlo, a change of heart was not impossible. He encourages us, saying: “Conversion is nothing other than turning one’s gaze away from the inferior to the superior. It takes nothing more than diverting our eyes to another direction.”


Heavenly Father, we humbly pray that you help us direct our focus from the superficial to the spiritual, with a fervent desire to cleanse our hearts and fix our love on eternal things. May we cast out the distractions that hinder our connection with you and find the true beauty of our souls with the help of your grace. Amen.


Do you know Blessed Carlo Acutis? If you are unfamiliar with his story, research his life and be inspired by his devotion.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.