2 Kings 5:1–15


Naaman was remarkably cured of leprosy. Well, he was cured in a simple way, actually. The prophet Elisha told him to wash seven times in the Jordan River. Naaman could hardly believe the instruction. He wanted a more fantastic cure. He wanted the prophet to do something mightier. If we’re being honest, we often act like Naaman in the spiritual life. We want God to work in lightning bolts and fireworks. But God prefers, more often than not, to work in simple ways. The lesson for us is to be content seeking God in ordinary ways. And if we are faithful, we will find him.


Lord Jesus, wash me clean from every spiritual illness. Cleanse my heart from doubts and sorrows. Grant me the confidence to hope in you. Amen.


Seek God in the ordinary today. Ask Jesus to make himself known to you during your daily routine.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.