John 5:1–16


When he encounters a man who had been ill for 38 years lying next to the pool at Bethesda, Jesus asks the man, “Do you want to be well?” Some biblical scholars hear in the question an echo of the rites of baptism in which the priest or deacon asks parents, “What do you ask of God’s Church for your child?” In John’s Gospel, the sick man doesn’t say yes. Instead, the man lists all the obstacles preventing him from getting in the pool. Jesus’ response is to cure him anyway. Sometimes, we simply need to ask the Lord for what we need in prayer instead of listing everything that hinders us.


Lord, like the man waiting for healing by the pool at Bethesda, we wait to be healed by you. Grant us the strength to rise, take up our burdens, and walk in the path of your grace. Amen.


Is there a basilica or other prominent shrine in your area? Make a small pilgrimage to visit a nearby place of prayer this Lent.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.