Matthew 26:14–25


Did Judas betray Christ for money? It’s unlikely. Thirty pieces of silver, the price paid to Judas, wasn’t much money. In fact, it’s the value of the life of a slave. (Exodus 21:32 demands that thirty pieces be paid to a slave’s master if the slave was gored by an ox.) The money was trivial, which means that something else was at work in the heart of Judas. Did he doubt the Lord’s goodness? Did he succumb to sadness about life on this side of heaven? Did he stop praying? Was he just tired of it all? The greatest temptations in our lives are probably not about money either. But we must be brave enough to face them.


Heavenly Father, in moments of darkness and doubt, give me confidence in your love. May I never despair of your goodness. Grant me perseverance and hope in you. Amen.


Take some time today to examine your priorities; perhaps even make a list. When have you chosen other things in place of Christ?

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.