Matthew 27:57–61


Today, we find Christ at rest within the tomb, tenderly placed there by caring hands, near the place of his crucifixion. And the apostles? Did they make their way back to the Upper Room? Their spirits must have been so heavily burdened that they might have contemplated returning to the familiarity of their former lives, as if the astonishing events of the past three years were but a fleeting dream. But something greater is at work. “In the silence of Holy Saturday, filled with God’s boundless love, we live in expectation of the dawn of the third day, the dawn of the triumph of God’s love, the dawn of the light that allows the eyes of the heart to see life, difficulties and suffering in a new way,” says Pope Benedict XVI. In the quiet stillness of Holy Saturday, hope can begin to illuminate the sorrows and bitter losses of our lives.


Lord Jesus, save me from my own dismay and ruined hopes. Let my frail understanding and doubts give way to your light and strength. Amen.


Visit a cemetery today and pray for your departed family members and friends.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.