Sunday, January 7


Matthew 2:1–12


“A cold coming we had of it, / Just the worst time of the year / For a journey, and such a long journey,” begins T. S. Eliot’s marvelous poem, “The Journey of the Magi.” The poem is striking because it invites the reader to pause and consider how arduous the trip to Bethlehem would have been for the ancient kings. But, also, the poem is beautiful for its deeper, spiritual meaning. While it presents the perspective of one of the Magi who visited the infant Jesus, it suggests the broader theme of the difficulties in relinquishing one’s former beliefs and being transformed by grace. In the poem the pain of the journey purified the Magi, preparing them to meet Christ. For us, too, who are pilgrims here below, the discomforts and travails of life this side of heaven strip away all that is not necessary to lead us to the one thing that matters: Our Lord.


Lord Jesus, may I bravely follow where you lead, even if it means going out from where I feel comfortable. May I always delight in finding you. Amen.


Imitate the generosity of the Three Wise Men by offering a special gift to someone in need today.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow.