Thursday of the First Week of Advent

Matthew 7:21, 24–27


The war in Ukraine has greatly unsettled the West. The violence and death of the war and the migration of millions of refugees have caused many to face the peril, the instability, and the fragility of human life and international politics, even in 2022. Experiences like the war in Ukraine force us to find new richness and meaning in verses of Scripture we might overlook. When I met Ukrainian refugees in Poland last spring, I was amazed at their faith. Despite the horror of war, they constantly asked for prayers. Repeatedly, I met people who had lost much and were deeply suffering. The winds and storms of life raged around them, but they held fast and stood firm in their faith.


Holy Spirit, renew in my life your many gifts. You are the breath of life that strengthens and renews even as tempests thunder. This Advent, nourish my faith. Amen.


Think of a friend or someone in your life who is going through a trial. Is there something you can do to encourage him or her? Try starting by sending them a simple message of hope in a text or email.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow.