Memorial of Saint Francis Xavier, PRIEST Is 30:19–21, 23–26 REFLECT It is written in the Book of Isaiah, “No longer will your Teacher hide himself, / but with your own eyes you shall see your Teacher” (30:20). In seeing Christ, we see the Teacher of […]


FRIDAY of the First Week of Advent Isaiah 29:17–24 REFLECT The Lord tells the prophet Isaiah, “In a very little while, / Lebanon shall be changed into an orchard, / and the orchard be considered a forest!” (Is 29:17). At that time, Lebanon was uncultivated […]


Thursday of the First Week of Advent Matthew 7:21, 24–27 REFLECT The war in Ukraine has greatly unsettled the West. The violence and death of the war and the migration of millions of refugees have caused many to face the peril, the instability, and the […]


FEAST OF SAINT ANDREW, APOSTLE Matthew 4:18–22 REFLECT Some of the best friends I’ve ever had are friends that led me to other great friends. True friendship isn’t kept as a secret or for its own devices. That’s just not how love works. Love is […]


TUESDAY OF THE FIRST WEEK OF ADVENT Isaiah 11:1–10 REFLECT The prophet Isaiah writes, “A shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse, / and from his roots a bud shall blossom” (Is 11:1). You don’t have to be much of a gardener to know […]


MONDAY OF THE FIRST WEEK OF ADVENT Isaiah 4:2–6 REFLECT Travelers are particularly vulnerable in the desert. Subject to the harsh rays of the sun and sudden storms, they find protection to be indispensable. In the ancient world, most people relied on tents to shield […]


FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT Matthew 24:37–44 REFLECT We begin the holy season of Advent by contemplating the end times. This theme might seem off-putting to us. Thinking of the apocalypse doesn’t easily harmonize with the nostalgic and warm feelings of the holiday season. But here […]