Isaiah 4:2–6


Travelers are particularly vulnerable in the desert. Subject to the harsh rays of the sun and sudden storms, they find protection to be indispensable. In the ancient world, most people relied on tents to shield themselves during their journeys. A portable tent offers protection from the heat and shelter from violent tempests. How incredibly moving then to hear the prophet Isaiah describe Israel’s God by saying that the Lord’s “glory will be shelter and protection: / shade from the parching heat of day, / refuge and cover from storm and rain” (Is 4:6). God will be for his people a safe place, a sanctuary. Just as a tent protects a traveler from the dangers of the desert, so God shelters his people.


Almighty God, you are my rock, my refuge. When I am tempted to seek shelter and protection from life’s storms elsewhere, draw me back to you. Keep me safe under the folds of your mercy. Amen.


Put a visible reminder that God is your refuge in your life. Write out the Scripture verse above (Is 4:6) by hand and keep it someplace prominent this Advent. When you see it, remember that God is your shelter and sanctuary.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow.