Matthew 4:18–22


Some of the best friends I’ve ever had are friends that led me to other great friends. True friendship isn’t kept as a secret or for its own devices. That’s just not how love works. Love is expansive, ever growing, changing. Authentic friendship is diffusive; it wants to give of itself. Andrew the Apostle understands this. John’s Gospel tells us that it is Andrew, after all, who brings his brother Simon Peter to meet Jesus. Andrew tells Peter, “We have found the Messiah” (Jn 1:41). In Advent we are invited to wait for Christ, as Andrew awaited the Messiah, assured that in this special time we will find Christ coming again in our lives. But then, when we find Jesus again, let us not hesitate to bring others to see and discover the love of the One we have found.


Dear Jesus, grant me the grace to seek you ardently. Help me to find you in new ways in my life this Advent season. And then, once I have found you, give me the desire to share with others the love I have found. Amen.


Read John 6:1–15 today and meditate on Andrew’s special role. Did you realize that he is the disciple that points out the boy with five loaves?

We look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow.