Isaiah 56:1


Chapter 56 of Isaiah begins, “Thus says the Lord: / Observe what is right, do what is just; / for my salvation is about to come, / my justice, about to be revealed.” Saint Jerome, commenting on this passage, notes that one ancient Greek translation (commonly called the Septuagint) of this verse does not say “do what is just.” Instead, that translation says “do mercy.” Now, for Jerome, this is a false dichotomy; one is not opposed to the other. Mercy and justice both belong to Christ, the Savior who is to come. However, commenting further on the meaning of “do what is just,” Jerome suggests that it’s shorthand for living every virtue. In other words, it’s not enough simply to be just in order to prepare for the Savior, since, as Jerome says, “To the extent you lack one [virtue], you lack them all.”


Lord Jesus, you who are justice and mercy, help me grow in every Christian virtue. May I be just, merciful, and virtuous in every aspect of my life. Amen.


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