Fourth Sunday of Advent

Matthew 1:18–24


Christmas draws very near. In just seven days we will celebrate again the great feast of the Incarnation, the birthday of Our Lord. And as the height of the drama of Christmas approaches, we turn to Mary and Joseph. In today’s Gospel we recall a pivotal moment: when Joseph takes the pregnant Virgin Mary into his home. He becomes totally transformed by this decision; his life forever changed. By accepting God’s will and giving his heart over to the Lord and his holy mother, Joseph’s life was recast in service to the divine plan.


Heavenly Father, may your beloved Son transform my life, just as Joseph’s life was transformed. May Christ always be the center of my home, the focus and crux of all I do. Amen.


Set up a Nativity scene in your home today. Take a moment to meditate on the figures of Mary and Joseph.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow.