Isaiah 40:1–11


St. Nicholas Day is a little Christmas. Growing up, at St. Charles elementary school, I remember making construction-paper shoes, which we left overnight on our desks for Saint Nicholas to fill. We put our shoes out at home, too, which my parents lovingly ensured would be filled with candy and small gifts in honor of the saint. Nicholas’s legendary generosity points to Christ’s own unstinting heart. The very Son of God comes, giving us himself. The gifts of St. Nicholas Day, the gifts of Christmas morning, point to the One who gives selflessly. Gift-giving of any kind shows appreciation, respect, or even love. Christ, who loves us more than anyone, offers us the greatest gift: himself.


Lord Jesus, increase in my heart a spirit of gratitude. May I recognize the many gifts you have given me throughout my life, and, confident in your goodness, may I hope for the yet unseen gifts to come. Amen.


Give a little gift today, perhaps to a family member or friend. Remember especially the poor, those treasured ones especially beloved by Saint Nicholas.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow.