Genesis 37:3–4, 12–13a, 17b–28a


In the Old Testament, Joseph’s brilliant tunic was a sign of his father’s great affection. It calls to mind the purple robe in which Christ was clothed during his passion. Joseph’s royal robe was the envy of his brothers. For it, he was hated and reviled. Christ’s robe was also a sign of his kingship, a claim for which he was handed over and crucified. Joseph’s cloak was dipped in blood. Christ’s garments were stained with his own precious blood. Ultimately, for the Fathers of the Church, Joseph’s coat came to represent Christ’s authority and power, which he handed on to his bride, the Church.


God our Father, in your providential plan, you delivered Joseph from the hands of his brothers. May every heart be open to your mercy, revealed in the fullness of time in your Son. Amen.


In addition to today’s abstinence from meat, fast from snacks in between meals, mindful of the fact that through Joseph God delivered Jacob and his sons from famine.

We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.